Through our separately managed accounts, we offer clients the ability to hold individual securities and customize the portfolio based on specific requirements that may include legacy positions, tax loss harvesting, income requirements, etc.

Core Equity Strategy

Our core equity strategy invests across the market cap spectrum with the goal of creating high conviction portfolios of out-of-favor companies with identifiable catalysts for growth.

  • Account minimum: $5 million

Strategic Income Strategy

Our strategic income strategy employs a multi-sector and flexible duration approach that seeks to invest in securities offering the highest risk-adjusted yield and expected total return.

  • Account minimum: $25 million

Flexible Balanced Strategy

Our flexible balanced strategy combines our equity and fixed income strategies using a flexible allocation approach. The strategy seeks to capitalize on the growth attributes of equities and the capital preservation attributes of bonds.

  • Account minimum: $5 million

Emerging Growth Strategy

Our emerging growth strategy focuses on identifying high quality companies in emerging industries and defensible growth niches that have open ended growth potential. We seek to buy the stocks of such companies before they are discovered or when investors are very skeptical about future prospects, and capture compound earnings growth over time.

  • Account minimum: $5 million

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Clients invested in separately managed accounts are subject to various risks including potential loss of principal, general market risk, small and medium-sized company risk, foreign securities and emerging markets risk, default risk, interest rate risk, inflation risk and liquidity risk. Additionally, there is a risk that we do not manage the asset allocation strategy successfully. For a complete discussion of the risks involved, please see our Form ADV Brochure and refer to Item 8.

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