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Barron’s: A Stockpicker on How to Ride the Curve of Small-Cap Growth

Barron’s recently interviewed Jim Callinan to get his thoughts on the small-cap growth segment and some of his favorite stocks.

December 2018
The Bottom Line: How to Invest Now in the Face of Trade Wars and Inflation

The Bottom Line Personal recently interviewed John Osterweis to get his thoughts around selecting stocks and investing in the current market environment.

October 2018
Mutual Fund Observer: Elevator Talk with Jim Callinan

In this detailed profile of the Emerging Opportunity Fund, portfolio manager Jim Callinan explains why investors should consider adding his small cap growth fund to their portfolios.

August 2018
Zacks Investment Research: Strategic Income Fund Designated a Strong Buy

The recommendation is their highest ranking and is based on several factors.

August 2018
New York Times: John Osterweis Discusses Investing In the Era of Tariffs

In this NYT article, our chief investment officer suggests strategies that limit exposure to the ongoing tariff disputes.

August 2018
Advisor Perspectives: Threading the Needle

Carl Kaufman Discusses How the Osterweis Strategic Income Fund has continued to thrive in today’s challenging fixed income market.

June 2018
Market Watch: These Small Cap Stocks May Speed Ahead as the Economy Slows

Read about several of the stocks that Jim Callinan, Portfolio Manager for the Osterweis Emerging Opportunity Fund, is invested in, and why he chose them.

June 2018
NAPFA Advisor: Managing for Absolute Returns in a Tightening Monetary Environment

What should fixed-income investors do in the face of rising rates and a rollback in quantitative easing?

May 2018
Ticker: A Flexible Portfolio for All Seasons

Read about how the Osterweis Strategic Investment Fund provides a one-stop shop for investors.

April 2018
Advisor Perspectives: Investment Grade – Why Now?

Eddy Vataru, lead Portfolio Manager for the Total Return Fund, was recently interviewed by Advisor Perspectives.

April 2018
Letter from John Osterweis

Read about our new Co-Chief Executive Officers and Co-Presidents.

July 2017
Introducing a New Fixed Income Team Member

Craig Manchuck joins Carl Kaufman, Brad Kane and Simon Lee as an Assistant Portfolio Manager for the Strategic Income Fund.

February 2017
Inside Information: Inefficient Market Theory

Read an Inside Information article about opportunities for active investors, including thoughts from Carl Kaufman.

February 2017

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